• Appsee


    Qualitative app analytics lets you watch user session recordings and touch heatmaps for every screen, for a deep understanding of UX + user behavior. Appsee.com

  • John Alderman

    John Alderman

    Founder of supereverywhere. Creative director and content strategist. Author of Sonic Boom and Core Memory.

  • Kartika L. Harjono

    Kartika L. Harjono

    See through windows | General practitioner

  • Chelsea Chen Chen

    Chelsea Chen Chen

  • Ordonna Sargeant

    Ordonna Sargeant

  • Sofía Luisa

    Sofía Luisa

  • J.J. Pryor

    J.J. Pryor

    Just your usual Mandarin-speaking, multi-career having, PB&T loving, non-lizard chubby ex-pat Canadian living in Taiwan. Standard really. Also, I write words.

  • Fahrur Rozzi

    Fahrur Rozzi

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